How We Serve Hunters

Welcome to 52 Tactical LLC, a place run by hunters, for hunters. We share your excitement as we eagerly anticipate the hunting season, and we firmly believe that every hunting enthusiast deserves access to top-quality hunting rifles at cost-effective prices. Our dedication to providing exceptional hunting firearms sets us apart as your go-to destination for all your hunting needs.

We understand that every hunter is unique, which is why we take pride in offering an extensive selection of hunting rifles to suit diverse preferences and requirements. Our inventory includes a wide range of trusted brands, ensuring that you have access to the finest equipment to elevate your hunting experience.

For those seeking a truly personalized touch, we offer custom order services for hunting and long-range rifles. Our skilled team is here to work closely with you, ensuring that your firearm is tailored to meet your specific needs, surpassing the limitations of "off the shelf" options. We believe that the perfect hunting rifle should complement your individual style, allowing you to perform at your best during those memorable hunting moments.

At 52 Tactical LLC, we are not just a business; we are hunters who understand your passion. Our commitment to providing quality hunting rifles at affordable prices resonates with your love for the sport. We strive to empower fellow hunters with the tools they need to achieve success in the great outdoors.

Join us at 52 Tactical LLC, where your hunting experience matters. Discover the finest selection of hunting rifles, along with the option to customize your dream firearm. Let us equip you for an extraordinary hunting journey that will stay with you for a lifetime.
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